Live Webcast 15th Annual Charm++ Workshop

Parallel Languages/Paradigms:
Jade - A Parallel Message-Driven Java
Jade is a Java-like language with parallel message-driven features. The parallel constructs include parallel classes called Chares, and parallel arrays of objects called ChareArrays. Communication with a parallel object occurs through asynchronous method invocation. In the message-driven paradigm, when a method of a Chare or ChareArray is invoked, it continues to completion before any other method of the same parallel object can run. In contrast to Java's run-time compilation, the Jade source code is translated to Charm++ source code, which is then compiled and executed on the target machine. The resulting code supports object migration and load-balancing, and scales well to large number of processors. Java's standard libraries are not supported.
Jade: A Parallel Message-Driven Java [Workshop on Java in Computational Science at ICCS 2003]
Design and Implementation of Parallel Java with Global Object Space [CPDPTA 1997]