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Multiparadigm, Multilingual Interoperability: Experience with Converse
Workshop on Runtime Systems for Parallel Programming at IPDPS (RTSPP) 1998
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The Converse run-time framework was designed with dual objectives: that of supporting quick development of portable run-time systems for new parallel programming paradigms, and that of permitting interoperability between multi-paradigm modules in a single application. This paper reports on the refinements made to the original Converse model since its inception almost two years ago, and assesses our experience in using Converse to satisfy the above objectives. A brief overview of the motivation and overall design of Converse is included for completeness. Extensions and refinements in Converse are discussed along with the reasons for their inclusion. Several languages/paradigms were implemented using Converse; techniques used in these implementations and our experience with specific features of Converse used in them are discussed. A major multilingual multi-paradigm parallel application developed within the Converse framework is described.
L. V. Kale and Milind Bhandarkar and Robert Brunner and Joshua Yelon, "Multiparadigm, Multilingual Interoperability: Experience with Converse", Proceedings of 2nd Workshop on Runtime Systems for Parallel Programming (RTSPP) Orlando, Florida - USA, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, March 1998.
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