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Object-Oriented Implementation of the NAS Parallel Benchmarks using Charm++
PPL Technical Report 1996
Publication Type: Paper
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This report describes experiences with implementing the NAS Computational Fluid Dynamics benchmarks using a parallel object-oriented language, Charm++. Our main objective in implementing the NAS CFD kernel benchmarks was to develop a code that could be used to easily experiment with different domain decomposition strategies and dynamic load balancing. We also wished to leverage the object-orientation provided by the Charm++ parallel object-oriented language, to develop reusable abstractions that would simplify the process of developing parallel applications. We first describe the Charm++ parallel programming model and the parallel object array abstraction, then go into detail about each of the Scalar Pentadiagonal (SP) and Lower/Upper Triangular (LU) benchmarks, along with performance results. Finally we conclude with an evaluation of the methodology used.
Sanjeev Krishnan and Milind Bhandarkar and Laxmikant V. Kale, "Object-Oriented Implementation of the NAS Parallel Benchmarks using Charm++", Parallel Programming Laboratory, 1996.
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