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Modularity, Reuse, and Efficiency with Message-Driven Libraries
SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (PPSC) 1995
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Software re-use via libraries is a strategy that allows the cost of software to be amortized. A parallel programming system must support the ability to develop modules that can be "fitted together" in a variety of contexts. Although it is important to be able to reuse parallel libraries, it is also more difficult to use parallel modules in comparison to sequential module. We present a methodology for developing libraries that addresses these issues effectively. The methodology, which is embodied in the Charm system, employs message-driven execution (in contrast to traditional, receive based message passing), information sharing abstractions, the notion of branched objects, and explicit support for modules.
L. V. Kale and Attila Gursoy, "Modularity, Reuse and Efficiency with Message-Driven Libraries", Proc. 27th Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Febuary 1995, pp. 738-743.
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