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A Dynamic and Adaptive Quiescence Detection Algorithm
PPL Technical Report 1993
Publication Type: Paper
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A large number of quiescence detection algorithms with good theoretical upper-bounds have been proposed before. However the metric used to measure the performance of these algorithms is not suitable. We propose a new metric for measuring the performance of a quiescence detection algorithm. We also present an algorithm to detect quiescence in an asynchronous and dynamic model of parallel computation. The algorithm has been implemented for a machine independent parallel programming system, Charm. Quiescence detection is provided as a feature in Charm to conduct a variety of operations like collecting statistics about user computation, initiating new phases of computation, or just terminating the user computation.
Amitabh B. Sinha and L. V. Kale and B. Ramkumar, "A Dynamic and Adaptive Quiescence Detection Algorithm", Parallel Programming Laboratory, Department of Computer Science , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1993.
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