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Visualizing, measuring, and tuning Adaptive MPI parameters
Workshop on Visual Performance Analysis (VPA) 2017
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Adaptive MPI (AMPI) is an advanced MPI runtime environment that offers several features over traditional MPI runtimes, which can lead to a better utilization of the underlying hardware platform and therefore higher performance: overdecomposition through virtualization, and load balancing via rank migration. Choosing which of these features to use, and finding the optimal parameters for them is a challenging task however, since different applications and systems may require different options, as well as a lack of information about the impact of each option. In this paper, we present a new visualization of AMPI in its companion Projections tool, which depicts the operation of an MPI application and details the impact of the different AMPI features on its resource usage. We show how these visualizations can help to improve the efficiency and execution time of an MPI application. Applying optimizations indicated by the performance analysis to two MPI-based applications results in performance improvements of up 18% from overdecomposition and load balancing.
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