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Short Paper: Exploring the Performance and Mapping of HPC Applications to Platforms in the Cloud
| Abhishek Gupta | Laxmikant Kale | Dejan Milojicic | Paolo Faraboschi | Filippo Gioachin | Verdi March | Chun Hui Suen | Bu-Sung Lee | Richard Kaufmann
ACM Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC) 2012
Publication Type: Paper
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This paper presents a scheme to optimize the mapping of HPC applications to a set of hybrid dedicated and cloud resources. First, we characterize application performance on dedicated clusters and cloud to obtain application sig- natures. Then, we propose an algorithm to match these signatures to resources such that performance is maximized and cost is minimized. Finally, we show simulation results revealing that in a concrete scenario our proposed scheme re- duces the cost by 60% at only 10-15% performance penalty vs. a non optimized configuration. We also find that the ex- ecution overhead in cloud can be minimized to a negligible level using thin hypervisors or OS-level containers.
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