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Optimizations for Message Driven Applications on Multicore Architectures
IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC) 2011
Publication Type: Paper
Repository URL: 201104_KdTree
With the growing amount of parallelism available on today’s multicore processors, achieving good performance at scale is challenging. We approach this issue through an alternative to traditional thread-based paradigms for writing shared memory programs, namely message driven multicore programming. We study a number of optimizations that improve the efficiency of message driven programs on multicore architectures. In particular, we focus on the following runtime system-enabled optimizations: (i) grainsize control to effect a good concurrency- overhead tradeoff, (ii) dynamic balancing of processor load, (iii) low-overhead, asynchronous communication for lock-free and message-driven execution and (iv) communication-reduction through a novel chunked shared array abstraction. The practical impact of these optimizations is quantified through a parallel kd-tree construction program written in the message-driven paradigm. A comparison of the optimized code with a state-of-the-art parallel kd-tree construction program is also presented.
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