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Support for Adaptivity in ARMCI Using Migratable Objects
Workshop of Performance Optimization for High-Level Languages and Libraries at IPDPS (POHLL) 2006
Publication Type: Paper
Repository URL: ArmciPOHLL06
Many new paradigms of parallel programming have emerged that compete with and complement the standard and well-established MPI model. Most notable, and successful, among these are models that support some form of global address space. At the same time, approaches based on migratable objects (also called virtualized processes) have shown that resource management concerns can be separated effectively from the overall parallel programming effort. For example, Charm++ supports dynamic load balancing via an intelligent adaptive run-time system. It is also becoming clear that a multi-paradigm approach that allows modules written in one or more paradigms to coexist and co-operate will be necessary to tame the parallel programming challenge. ARMCI is a remote memory copy library that serves as a foundation of many global address space languages and libraries. This paper presents our preliminary work on integrating and supporting ARMCI with the adaptive run-time system of Charm++ as a part of our overall effort in the multi-paradigm approach.
Chao Huang and Chee Wai Lee and Laxmikant V. Kale, "Support for Adaptivity in ARMCI Using Migratable Objects", Proceedings of Workshop on Performance Optimization for High-Level Languages and Libraries, Rhodes Island, Greece, April 2006.
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