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Simulation-Based Performance Prediction for Large Parallel Machines
International Journal of Parallel Programming (IJPP) 2005
Publication Type: Paper
Repository URL: IJPP2004
We present a performance prediction environment for large scale computers such as the Blue Gene machine. It consists of a parallel simulator, BigSim, for predicting performance of machines with a very large number of processors, and BigNetSim, which incorporates a pluggable module of a detailed contention-based network model. The simulators provide the ability to make performance predictions for very large machines such as Blue Gene/L. We illustrate the utility of our simulators using validation and prediction studies of several applications using smaller numbers of processors for simulations.
Gengbin Zheng, Terry Wilmarth, Praveen Jagadishprasad, and Laxmikant V. Kale "Simulation-Based Performance Prediction for Large Parallel Machines", International Journal of Parallel Programming, 2005. vol. 33, pp. 183-207.
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