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Run-time Support for Adaptive Load Balancing
Workshop on Runtime Systems for Parallel Programming at IPDPS (RTSPP) 2000
Publication Type: Paper
Repository URL: RTSPP2000
Many parallel scientific applications have dynamic and irregular computational structure. However, most such applications exhibit persistence of computational load and communication structure. This allows us to embed measurement-based automatic load balancing framework in run-time systems of parallel languages that are used to build such applications. In this paper, we describe such a framework built for the Converse~\cite{InterOpLongINTL96} interoperable runtime system. This framework is composed of mechanisms for recording application performance data, a mechanism for object migration, and interfaces for plug-in load balancing strategy objects. Interfaces for strategy objects allow easy implementation of novel load balancing strategies that could use application characteristics on the entire machine, or only a local neighborhood. We present the performance of a few strategies on a synthetic benchmark and also the impact of automatic load balancing on an actual application.
L. V. Kale and Milind Bhandarkar and Robert Brunner "Run-time Support for Adaptive Load Balancing", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Proceedings of 4th Workshop on Runtime Systems for Parallel Programming (RTSPP) Cancun - Mexico, vol. 1800, editor J. Rolim, pp. 1152-1159, March 2000.
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