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Communication Library for Parallel Architectures
Thesis 1999
Publication Type: MS Thesis
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Communication optimizations tend to be specific to a particular architecture or an application. To improve portability and to reduce the cost of developing parallel applications a mechanism to integrate these different optimizations should exist. Moreover, it should be possible to automatically adapt the strategy to the situat ion at hand. In this thesis we present a communication library that integrates the different strategies to perform each-to-many multicast. The framework provided is flexible enough to absorb new strategies and communication patterns. It also prov ides the capability to do dynamic switching of strategies. This helps the library to adapt itself to the existing environment. The library is written on top of Conv erse, which supports interoperability among different parallel programming paradig ms. Thus the library can be used by a wide range of applications. The thesis also discusses some of the issues related to the design of re-usable parallel libraries . A performance comparison of the different strategies for each-to-many multicast on various architectures is also presented.
Krishnan Varadarajan, "Communication Library for Parallel Architectures", Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois, 1999.
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