Live Webcast 15th Annual Charm++ Workshop

Optimizing Point-to-Point Communication between Adaptive MPI Endpoints in Shared Memory
Workshop on Exascale MPI (ExaMPI) 2017
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Adaptive MPI is an implementation of the MPI standard that supports the virtualization of ranks as user-level threads, rather than OS processes. In this work, we optimize the communication performance of AMPI based on the locality of the endpoints communicating within a cluster of SMP nodes. We differentiate between point-to-point messages with both endpoints co-located on the same execution unit and point-to-point messages with both endpoints residing in the same process but not on the same execution unit. We demonstrate how the messaging semantics of Charm++ enable and hinder AMPI’s implementation in different ways, and motivate extensions to Charm++ to address the limitations. Using the OSU microbenchmark suite, we show that our locality-aware design offers lower latency, higher bandwidth, and reduced memory footprint for applications.
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