Live Webcast 15th Annual Charm++ Workshop

LRTS: A Portable High Performance Low-level Communication Interface
Charm++ Workshop 2013
Publication Type: Talk
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As the modern interconnection network turns highly complex, it is challenging to obtain good performance of various parallel applications over different supercomputers. Over years, asynchronous message-driven runtime-based parallel programming model has been proven to be scalable and productive, where Charm++ is one major instance. To better exploit the performance and portability of Charm++ on modern supercomputers, we define a set of functions for a universal lower-level communication interface. In this talk, I will present this set of functions and how they support the asynchronous runtime system . Features like persistent communication, intra-node communication are also discussed. The interface has been implemented on MPI, Cray uGNI, and IBM PAMI libraries. I will present some results for small benchmarks and real applications on state-of-art supercomputers.
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