Live Webcast 15th Annual Charm++ Workshop

Charm++ Interoperability
Charm++ Workshop 2013
Publication Type: Talk
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Charm++ is a unique parallel programming paradigm based on message-driven execution powered by a runtime-system. Over decomposition into migratable work units by application writers and (almost) total control of execution by the run-time system allows Charm++ to improve application performance in conjunction with programmer's productivity. This is in stark contrast with MPI that follows (generally) a bulk-synchronous programming model with all decisions taken by the programmer. Given the wide range of applications and their characteristics, one of these two styles of programming may be suitable for development of those applications. In fact, given the complexity of present day applications, different programming paradigm may suit different parts of an application. This talk explores interoperability of Charm++ with other programming paradigms (with focus on MPI). The topics touched upon include Adaptive MPI, hybrid programming in Charm++ and MPI and interoperability with OpenMP.
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