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Automated Load Balancing Invocation based on Application Characteristics
IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (Cluster) 2012
Publication Type: Talk
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Performance of applications executed on large parallel systems suffer due to load imbalance. Load balancing is required to scale such applications to large systems. However, performing load balancing incurs a cost which may not be known a priori. In addition, application characteristics may change due to its dynamic nature and the parallel system used for execution. As a result, deciding when to balance the load to obtain the best performance is challenging. Existing approaches put this burden on the users, who rely on educated guess and extrapolation techniques to decide on a reasonable load balancing period, which may not be feasible and efficient.

In this talk, we propose the Meta-Balancer framework which relieves the application programmers of deciding when to balance load. By continuously monitoring the application characteristics and using a set of guiding principles, Meta- Balancer invokes load balancing on its own without any prior application knowledge. We demonstrate that Meta-Balancer improves or matches the best performance that can be obtained by fine tuning periodic load balancing. We also show that in some cases Meta-Balancer improves performance by 18% whereas periodic load balancing gives only a 1.5% benefit.
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