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Clustering Parallel Applications to Enhance Message Logging Protocols
PPL Talk (PPL Talk) 2010
Publication Type: Talk
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Computing systems will grow significantly larger in the near future to satisfy the needs of computational scientists in areas like climate modeling, biophysics and cosmology. Supercomputers being installed in the next few years will comprise millions of cores, hundreds of thousands of processor chips and millions of physical components. However, it is expected that failures become more prevalent in those machines to the point where 10% of an Exascale system will be wasted just recovering from failures. Further, with such large numbers of cores, fine-grained and dynamic load balance will become increasingly critical for maintaining good system utilization. This talk addresses both fault tolerance and load balancing by presenting a novel extension of traditional message logging protocols based on team checkpointing. Message logging makes it possible to recover from localized failures by rolling back just the failed processing elements. Since this comes at a high memory overhead from logging all communication, we reduce this cost by organizing processing elements into teams and only logging messages between teams. Further, we show how to dynamically partition the application into teams to simultaneously minimize the cost of fault tolerance and to balance application load. We experimentally show that this scheme has low overhead and can dramatically reduce the memory cost of message logging.
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