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Static Macro Data Flow: Compiling Global Control into Local Control
International Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments at IPDPS (HIPS) 2010
Publication Type: Paper
Repository URL: 200912_CharismaToSDAG
The expression of parallel codes through abstract, high-level specifications of global control and data flow can greatly simplify the task of creating large parallel programs. We discuss the challenges of compiling such global flows into the behavioral descriptions of individual component objects in an SPMD environment. We present our work in the context of Charisma, a language that describes global data and control flow through a simple script-like language. Inter-object interactions are realized through the production and consumption of data. The compiler infers communication patterns between objects and generates appropriate messaging code. We discuss the productivity and performance benefits of compiling such global specifications into local descriptions of control flow embodied by a language called Structured Dagger.
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