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A Fault Tolerant Protocol for Massively Parallel Systems
Fault-Tolerant Parallel and Distributed Systems (FTPDS) 2004
Publication Type: Paper
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As parallel machines grow larger, the mean time between failure shrinks. With the planned machines of near future, therefore, fault tolerance will become an important issue. The traditional method of dealing with faults is to checkpoint the entire application periodically and to start from the last checkpoint. However, such a strategy wastes resources by requiring all the processors to revert to an earlier state, whereas only one processor has lost its current state. We present a scheme for fault tolerance that aims at low overhead on the forward path (i.e. when there are no failures) and a fast recovery from faults, without wasting computation done by processors that have not faulted. The scheme does not require any individual component to be fault-free. We present the basic scheme and performance data on small clusters. Since it is based on Charm++ and Adaptive MPI, where each processor houses several virtual processors, the scheme has potential to reduce fault recovery time significantly, by migrating the recovering virtual processors.
Sayantan Chakravorty and L. V. Kale, "A Fault Tolerant Protocol for Massively Parallel Machines", FTPDS Workshop for IPDPS 2004, IEEE Press, 2004.
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